Rolex Daytona 116598 Edelstahl 40MM Gehäuse farbiges Diamantzifferblatt

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Marke: Rolex
Reichweite: Daytona
Schnallentyp: Sicherheitsschnalle e
Geschlecht: Unisex
Bewegung: Automatisch
Gehäusegröße: 40 MM
Gehäusematerial: Edelstahl 316
Armbandmaterial: Edelstahl 316 Edelstahl
Zifferblattfarben: Farbiger Diamant

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Replik Rolex Daytona Die Lünette ist mit rein weißen Diamantnieten besetzt und bietet nur äußerst wenig Luxus. 40mm Größe. Automatische mechanische Uhren. Edelstahl 316. Leuchtzifferblatt. Faltschließe. Rolex Replica ist heute die Marke mit den komplexesten Erfindungen der Welt.“

Bewertungen (6)

6 Bewertungen für Rolex Daytona 116598 Edelstahl 40MM Gehäuse farbiges Diamantzifferblatt

  1. Georgia Prado

    I chose several and finally chose this one. Sure enough, I was not disappointed. The mechanical watch was designed very nicely.

  2. Wilton Paniagua

    Exquisite packaging, stylish and atmospheric appearance, quite textured, sometimes the precision sound is small, the length is suitable, easy to match, like!

  3. Naomi Zitting

    This looks better than I thought, personally feel that the real thing is more textured than the picture, very fashionable, it has been worn for two days, and it is accurate and satisfactory.

  4. Wilton Paniagua

    What a great fake watch! I received this as a festival gift and have worn it daily since. very classy, so it is no surprise that the simplistic design is both elegant, fitting in perfectly with a job situation, and practical

  5. James

    the replica watch was absolutely top-notch in all respects. Their pricing was excellent, and their timeliness in delivery of the product was outstanding.

  6. Kimberly E. Scott

    I can imagine my dad wearing it with his tux and looking rich (LOL). This would be my father’s day for a gift to him. He’ll love this for sure. I highly recommend this as a gift for any occasion.

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