Rolex Daytona Series Modifizierte Version Kohlefasermaterial

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Gehäusegröße: 40mm
Material: Kohlefaser
Zifferblattfarbe: Schwarz
Material: Carbo n Faser
Hergestellt in: Schweiz
Geschlecht: Männer
Gehäuseboden: Solide
Uhrenform: Rund
Bandfarbe: Gelb
Bewegung: mechanisch (automatisch)

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Bewertungen (3)

3 Bewertungen für Rolex Daytona Series Modifizierte Version Kohlefasermaterial

  1. Douglas Shabe

    The quality of the watch is good, the style is beautiful, and the strap is very comfortable to wear on the hand.

  2. Kaite M

    This is a genuine, new fake in the box, complete Rolex at a fair price. but this is a fair price and a bargain compared to the other options available, I would not hesitate to recommend the seller and the watch speaks for itself!

  3. Amber Edwards

    Honestly, this watch is so nice. It’s my style. It looks nice but it’s not too eye-catching. It just adds to your style. It’s very slim and not bulky, something I really like.

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