Mechanisches Uhrwerk für Herren Rolex Daytona 40mm Case

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Gehäusegröße: 40mm
Material: Edelstahl Steel
Zifferblattfarbe: Blau
Material: Edelstahl weniger
Hergestellt in: Schweiz
Stil: Lässig
Geschlecht: Männer
Stundenmarkierungen: Index
Wasserbeständigkeit: 100m
Gehäuseboden: Solide

Bewertungen (3)

3 Bewertungen für Mechanisches Uhrwerk für Herren Rolex Daytona 40mm Case

  1. Ricardo Edson Correia

    I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember, something about the Museum style get’s me every time I look at it. This watch came in top-notch condition and arrived perfectly. It came wrapped in sticky plastic that covered every part of the watch to avoid any scuffs. Very pleased with the product!!

  2. W. T. Traylor

    Keep the watches fully winded. It literally makes NO noise and looks very good. Customer service is outstanding. I got help with specifications on the same day. They even offer an extended battery box if I need it. Definitely recommend.

  3. William Daugherty

    The box itself is attractive and looks nice on my dresser. The control knob is a rub, though; it works nothing like described in the directions. For that reason, it took some time to figure out the settings. I hope I now have it right.

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